Biomass Heating & Power

Biomass Wood Gasification for District Heating
with Power Production for Electricity on the Grid

Wood Chip Gasifier for Grid Heating with Power
Wood Chip Boiler for Grid Heating with Power

Wood Consumption <-> Base Heating Power for the Heating / Cooling Grid <-> Power

A) 200 kW <-> 140 kW <-> 35 kW
B) 400 kW <-> 280 kW <-> 70 kW
C) 600 kW <-> 420 kW <-> 105 kW
D) 400 kW <-> 300 kW <-> 75 kW
E) 800 kW <-> 600kW <-> 150 kW

We are developing small and scaled solutions for converting biomass to heat/cold and electricity.

What we need to say more about estimations, we want know:

-kind and amount of biomass
-usage of the heat
-usage of the power
-usage of air condition and cold
-converting at least to power can be done by different of our solutions:
-all solutions is common the consequent usage of the produced heat, when thinking and calculating acceptable cash back times.


This animation shows one of the two major applications:

-> Heating on a village heating grid
-> Power for the village





1st step: Request Our Basic Engineering

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