General concepts and process solutions

General concepts and process solutions

Our partner company prepares overall concepts and carries out preliminary planning for heating, steam and power-generation plants fuelled by waste timber and biomass.
The focus here is on both efficiency and functionality.
The plant concepts, which are drawn up in conjunction with customers, are based on economical process solutions. The results are presented in
clear reports and process charts, which constitute an essential basis for reaching decisions for plant realization.




Technical plant planning

Each plant is only as good as its planning. The company is able to plan power-generation plants, fuel conveyor systems, piping systems, wastegas
systems, generators, cooling systems, control systems as well as the technical components required for heating and power plants. Planning always conforms to standards, it is always documented and constitutes the sound basis for plant realization.


Plant layout

Good technology must be functional and well packaged. That’s why technical planning at NRG-Consultants@ICS is complemented with building
concepts. Its engineers are able to design heating and power plant structures to suit the chosen technology and ensure that all production processes run absolutely smoothly. CAD drawings produced by us may be also forwarded to architects and builders for further work thus resulting in valuable reductions in the required installation time.

Commissioning and measurements
Careful commissioning and the “running in” of the plant may significantly affect service life and are very important to continued smooth operation.
Commissioning is carried out according to a dedicated and sophisticated plan and concluded with a series of measurements to determine efficiency
and performances.


Construction supervision and installation

The staff is responsible for appropriate building site coordination, it ensures that quality requirements are fulfilled and it coordinates
assembly work with the other trades operating at site. Its plants are always properly installed with an awareness for quality.


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