Automatically Fired Boilers

Automatically Fired Boilers

Despite an often simple construction, most of the automatically fired boilers can achieve an efficiency of 80-90% and a CO emission of approx. 100 ppm (100 ppm = 0.01 volume %) .
For some boilers, the figures are 92% and 20 ppm, respectively.

An important condition for achieving these good results is that the boiler efficiency during day-to-day operation is close to full load.

For automatic boilers, it is of great importance that the boiler nominal output (at full load) does not exceed the max. output demand in winter periods.

In the transition periods (3-5 months) spring and autumn, the output demand of the dwelling will typically be approx. 20-40% of the boiler nominal output, which means a deteriorated operating result.

During the summer period, the output demand of the dwelling will often be in the range of 1-3 kW, since only the hot water supply will be maintained.
This equals 5 -10% of the boiler nominal output.

This operating method reduces the efficiency - typically 20-30% lower than that of the nominal output - and an increased negative effect on the environment.

The alternative to the deteriorated summer operating is to combine the installation with a storage tank, oil-fired furnace, electrical power heated hot water supply or solar heat.




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