Burns metre-long lengths of firewood

Burns metre-long lengths of firewood and small bales of straw at the same time
Burns even Switchgras Balls

The boiler is rated at 100 kW and its feed chamber offers an effective capacity of 1300litres, so it can take enough wood to burn for a very long period of time.

The door of the feed chamber is very large, designed for manual stoking with small bales of straw up to about 90 cm long and either 50 x 50 or 40 x 60 cm in section.

As is the case with all our furnaces, untreated wood is the only acceptable material for kindling the fire.
Dry, naturalwood kindling and correct procedure are essentials for starting the fire with very little or virtually no smoke.
Once the fire is burning well you can keep it going with wood only, or you can add one or more small bales of straw. Before you add fuel, always be sure to open the port in the combustion-chamber door to check that the chamber is glowing bright red, indicating that the furnace has reached its full operating temperature.
The amount of firewood in the gasifier/feed chamber should always be enough to ensure that some wood is left after one hour's burning; in other words, straw should always burn together with wood. If the pressed bales are slightly damp you can increase the amount of wood, so that the straw will dry out, so to speak, on the wood fire. Then the straw will burn well, too. Do not try to burn wet bales, or bales of straw on their own without firewood.
This high-capacity furnace is a high-convenience appliance providing a supportive means of utilising straw, often available as a surplus material, to generate enough energy to heat a small building in a costeffective boiler.

Bear in mind, however, that only an experienced operator should stoke the fire with straw bales while the furnace is burning, and that it is important to comply with the codes of practice for fire safety and safety at work.

Fuel from forests and from our fields, the most dependable way of generating heat




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