The big boilers NRG-P60 100-400

The big biomass and waste wood boilers

This boiler generates heat for production facilities, hotels, schools, agricentres, and so on. The firewood can be up to 1200 mm long; the feed chamber has a usable capacity of 1200 litres and will take Euro-pallets all in one piece.
The low emissions values also make this boiler ideal for burning AI-grade waste woo, in other words treated wood-based materials without waterrepellent
agents and free of plastics.
The boiler is tall, so it is generally set in a pit about 65 cm deep to make it easy to stoke.
The very high level of cost efficiency it can achieve is the outstanding feature of this model.
Requirements in terms of fuel preparation and fuel quality are minimal. The wood fuel is available in large quantities at very little cost and can easily be stored in the open. This model can also be supplied as a mobile unit in a heating container, a very
attractive option for commercial heat-supply contractors.

NRG-P60-from 130 kW up to 700 kW with integrated waterstorages
This boiler has an even larger gasifier/feed chamber to take almost four cubic metres of wood in onemetre lengths. It will burn continuously for 24 hours and put out 160-700 kW. That means it can be stoked once a day, always at the same time.
The NRG-P60-195 is ideal for covering the base load of large consumers such as large-scale hothouse growers or animal-fattening centres, and also for large public buildings and zone-heating systems, particularly in the heat-contracting sector.
This boiler, too, is designed for installation in a pit.
The recommended configuration is outdoors with a weatherproofing shelter.
The furnace cannot be restoked while combustion is in progress; each charge must be allowed to burn out almost completely before fresh fuel is added.
The possibility of smoke escaping while the stoking door is open cannot be excluded.
A comparable oil-fired boiler would consume about 800 litres of heating oil every day.


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