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The B3 Biomass Blackout Blocker is a testing kit with 9 to 11.5 kW_e electric power.

With it you can convert various biomass gasification (Jim Mason Gasifier) into electricity and heat.

Before deciding to invest in a biomass-B3-Blackout-blockers experiment kit, we recommend a one-day seminar in our school in Duisburg or biomass in any of our international workshops.

-> The seminar consultation with feasability base study costs 500 € + 19% VAT for Germans or 750 USD for intl guests, this amount will be credited with the purchase of the kit.
-> The international workshop costs 150 € for Germany + 19% VAT, or 200 USD for intl. guests.

In the seminar or international workshop, see and work with an original B3-Biomass-Blackout-blockers experimenters kit (B3-EU-GEK) , you get an idea of its use and reliability.
It is performed for a pre-planning your project. You will receive an introduction to extra dimensions of CHP plants.




-> After this practical day you are able to decide for yourselves whether the B3-Biomass-Blackout-blockers experimenters kit (B3-EU-GEK) for you and your biomass is appropriate and the investment charged to you.

-> As an owner of a B3-Biomass-Blackout-blockers experimenters kit, you can experiment with your fuels, further develop and integrate the B3-Biomass-Blackout-blockers experimenters kit in your own energy system and or you distribute it in your country or area.

-> Start your business with an Biomass CHP, back by these two offers from themselves.
-> Enabling them to gain many insights that you used in the assessment of the wood gas CHP help the market.
-> This CHP do it your self training is held every first Monday of the month from 10.00am to 6.00 pm.


Our International wood gasification CHP Workshops

-> The International EU workshops are also held every first Monday of the month, participants are welcome from all countries, we speak English.

-> It begins at 10.00 am and ends 6.00 pm.

-> The participation fee is 150,00 € plus 19% VAT. or 200 USD, pre payment by were.




Registration form for the practical training at the B3 wood gasification biomass Blackout Blocker

Biomass CHP School Duisburg
Orsoyer Str 24
47 199 Dusiburg


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