200 kW class

CHP units with synchronous generators for the production of 3-phase400 V(AC), 50Hz and heating with 90°/70°C from
natural gas with a 3-way catalyst in low-pollution lambda = 1-operation mode, which contains low levels of harmful substances.

Emission values are below 1/2 TA-Luft.
Dimensions – LxWxH : 320 x 130 x 200 cm

Easy installation...
Within a few days, the complete, factory tested unit can be installed and start operation. It consists of an engine, a generator, a heat exchanger, a sound-absorbing case and an integrated switch cabinet. Expensive and time-consuming preparations like a special foundation, wiring and insulation are no longer needed.

… and flexible application...
Because of its compact construction, the unit can also be used as a mobile CHP – for example to heat an outdoor swimming pool in the summer and to supply an administration building in the winter.


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