CHP 50 to 400 kW Modules

Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP or cogeneration plants) are based on the principle of combined heat and power generation: They are heating systems, which efficiently produce electricity at the same time.

And they are small power stations that transform the waste heat almost completely into heating energy.

A CHP consists of an internal combustion engine, which drives a generator.

The heat from the engine’s cooling water and its exhausts is re-gained through a heat exchange device and can be led directly into the building’s a heating and the water heater.

The existing heating boiler is only needed on a few, particularly cold days of the year to cover for the peak heat demand.

The electricity produced by the generator is directly fed into the local grid.

In most cases, the CHP operates parallel to the public grid, which means that the contact to the public grid remains active.

This way, superfluous electricity can be fed into the public grid and short-term peak demands supplied by the public grid (net parallel operation).

When the public grid breaks down, our CHP modules can also be operated like an emergency generator (isolated operation). This allows for maximum security of electricity supply. It is also possible, for example in off-grid sites, to have a small local grid powered solely by the CHP plant in the isolated operation mode.

These CHP units can be combined in size and number to exactly match the needs of the buildings and their users. Hospitals have different heat and electricity requirements than administration buildings, swimming pools a have different demand than industrial sites.

Our CHP units are thoroughly factory tested. They are delivered in a sound-absorbing case and set up very quick. They work extremely quiet and their elastic storage prevent any vibrations are from being transmitted on to the building.

Therefore, a separate foundation is not necessary. Each CHP module comes with a micro-processor control system, which supervises the fully automatic operation. Our self-developed control system runs the modules, controls the operation data and automatically adjusts the power generation to the current energy demand.


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