Heat and Power

CHP use in public utilities Municipal baths Kindergardens and community centres Parish houses and churches Schools and gymnas...
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CHP in the health and nursing sector Gyms Nursing homes and homes for old people Health and therapy centres
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CHP use in industrial businesses Bakeries Market gardens/nurseries Hairdressers Processing businesses Car dealers etc.
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CHP in the recreation sector Hotels Guesthouses Inns Restaurants
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Refurbishment two-family home - residential app Smooth and easy supplement to the already existing gas-fired heating boiler Supply to several hou...
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CHP: single-family home with a swimming pool Swimming pool for optimum power and heat demand Flexible use thanks to output modulation Fully fi...
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The compact construction ensures that engine power andcombustion heat are converted into electricity and heat in the shortestway with smallest possible

Our CHP units are also suitable for operating in extremelynoise-sensitive environments.

Motor and generator sit in a multiple vibration-absorber.

The case is fully sound-absorbing.

This means CHP’s can even operate in hospitals, health
establishments, schools or homes for the elderly.


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