Micro CHP

ecopower micro cogeneration heat and power unit

Efficient and cost-saving system for the decentralized generation of power and heat

Power generation with patented output modulation increased by up to 60%

The micro cogeneration heat and power units are

an advantageous alternative for the separate generation of power and heat


Fields of application for the ecopower micro cogeneration heat and power unit

One-, two- and multi-family homes
Industrial enterprises
Hotels, guesthouses and inns
Gyms, health and therapy centres
Nursing homes and old peoples homes
Kindergardens, schools and gymnasiums
Administration buildings


Mode of operation

Principle of CHP (combined heat and power)

A gas-fired combustion engine drives a generator used for the generation of power

Use of the waste heat produced for heating and the preparation of hot water




Main components


Permanent magnet generator

High efficiency over the entire output range

Engine speed is controlled via the generator load

Output electronics with pulse width modulation




Power start function

Silent start via generator
protecting against wear Reduced maintenance costs
No need for pre-starter and a battery
Increased operational safety
Starts even under difficult conditions of use

Additional product features

User-friendly handling and operation
Special heat and sound absorbing casing
Meets the most severe safety rules and regulations (CE Certificate)
Parallel operation of several micro CHPUs



Integration into the building service engineering






Installation and start-up



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