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Renewable- Biomass- and Bio- Energy Consulting

The Biomass and Bioenergy Consulting Service is based at the and is a specialized German Engineering Service providing expertise on renewable energy raw materials.

The purpose of this service is to provide information on the use of biomass as a renewable energy.
It aims to facilitate information transfer between producers and users of biomass energy in order to increase the use of biomass energy in your country.


-> Combined Heat and Power Plant Units Engineering
-> Producing electricity and heat on site in a tailored combined heat and power plant.
-> Reasons:

>> Saving energy, cutting costs at the same time reducing the environmental impact – a combined heat and power plant is capable of coping with all of these aims.
>> No matter whether you consume a combination of electricity and heat or a combination of electricity and cold: a combined heat and power plant will help to cut your energy costs significantly.
>> Combined heat and power provides an energy efficiency of up to 90%.
>>A t the same time, the CO2 output is reduced by more than one third. Individual adaptation to the objects to be supplied and a high degree of availability renders our plants calculable even in the long term.

Environmental concerns

Worldwide, electricity is today produced almost exclusively through large-scale plants whereas the thermal supply is effected almost exclusively through decentralized boiler-based heat production.

So heating energy is produced on a decentralized scale rendering excellent efficiency rates – that is allowing a high exploitation of the combustible – whereas central large-scale plants continue to deliver efficiencies at about just 36%.

The heat resulting from the production of electricity, which is approx. 65% of the primary energy utilized, is released in the form of heat and is discharged into the environment through cooling towers.

It is this very point the idea of combined heat and power was born. In the event of combined heat and power production, electricity and heat is produced on a decentralized scale, directly at the consumer’s site where it is fed into the object to be supplied. This allows to utilize the primary energy used (natural gas, fuel oil) at an efficiency of 90%.


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