online ups systems 160 kVA up to 650 kVA incl. thy


The new JOVYSTAR mega is the result of advanced research in the field of modern UPS technology. The JOVYSTAR mega is available with power rating from 160 to 650 kVA. More than 60 years of experience in the design and development of power supply systems is your guarantee of getting sophisticated, reliable power technology.

Our new generation of JOVYSTAR system does not only protects your power consumers online with safe voltage, it also provides an ideal solution for supplying power to critical consumers thanks to our new, enhanced microprocessor technology. Up to six units can be parallel connected for redundant operation ( parallel operation at half-load or n+1 operation), or for increasing power output. Systems can also be parallel connected for subsequent power boosting. Your UPS system is thus capable of growing along with your increasing power demand.

JOVYATLAS is represented in all industrial and commercial sectors with its JOVYSTAR mega including banks, insurance companies and industrial operations, as well as telecommunications facilities, hospitals and computer rooms.


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