online UPS systems with single phased output up to

JOVYSTAR plus 3/1

JOVYSTAR plus series has an IGBT rectifier with an extremely wide input voltage range and a power factor of almost one. The new series’ non-linear distortion factor at the input is less than 4% THDI. All systems in the range have a self-diagnosis system, high dynamics to cope with load steps and an extremely low noise level.

The use of a digital rectifier can significantly extend the battery life. The active current distribution provided by the new system`s parallel connections is a completely new development. This innovative technology, which features digitisation using two 32-bit DSPs, takes into account not only the effective power but also the reactive power when controlling the load distribution.

All system data can be retrieved using an RS232/USB interface and can be transmitted using an SNMP adapter, a MODBUS adapter, Profibus in a LAN or other bus systems. The JOVYSTAR plus ups series is available with an initial output of 10 / 15 / 20 kVA. Further development of the new technology until End of 2006 will increase this to an output of 40 kVA.




Currently JOVYATLAS offers the ups type JOVYSTAR mono in a capacity range of 20 kVA up to 30 kVA. A pleasant monitoring and diagnostics system provides the user with all necessary operating states and deviations.

In the input circuit the JOVYSTAR mono works with a 6-pulse thyristor rectifier. This can also be provided in a 12-pulse version if required. The inverter output stages are executed using proven IGBT technology, which permits a high degree of efficiency.

Any number of cabinets can be placed next to each other, so that virtually any bridging period can be achieved.



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