online UPS systems with IGBT rectifier at the inpu


The JOVYSTAR PRO is the result of advanced development work in the field of modern UPS technology.The new series is available with power outputs of 100, 125 and 160 kVA. With more than 61 years of experience in designing and developing power supply stations, we can guarantee that you are buying proven and reliable technology. The new generation of our UPS range ensures that your critical consumers are safely protected. For the JOVYSTAR PRO we have digitised the entire control system. By providing two entirely independent micro processors to control the rectifier and converter with a static bypass we have created a further safety feature. For redundant operation (half-load parallel operation, n+1 operation) or to increase power, parallel connection of additional devices is easily possible. As a result, your UPS system can grow as your need for power increases. The JOVYATLAS JOVYSTAR PRO is found in all industrial fields.
The JOVYSTAR PRO has a new type of IGBT rectifier which ensures that our systems prevent all interruptions to your series-connected network. The innovative IGBT rectifier guarantees an almost sinusoidal current consumption. The advantages of this technology are clear – thanks to the improved power factor at the input to the rectifier, this UPS system will consume up to 30 % less input power compared with conventional UPS systems with a thyristor rectifier. In this new UPS generation, modern technology significantly reduces the apparent power in the input to the UPS system. Reduction of the current at the input to the rectifier brings considerable savings in the dimensioning of your distribution switchboard, fuses and cable. The JOVYSTAR PRO is virtually predestined for problem-free operation together with a generator. When developing the JOVYSTAR PRO our design engineers placed special emphasis on a compact construction to meet your desire for minimum space requirement in technical environments.


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