online UPS systems with three phased output up to

JOVYSTAR delta 20 - 150 kVA

The JOVYSTAR delta is the optimal solution as great reliability of the systems is our top priority. Our entire organisation and more than 60 years of experience in power supply technology stand for this.

For redundant operation (half load parallel or n+1) or for enlarge the output power the parallel operation of four UPS is possible. So the UPS can grow if the power demand is extending.



Currently JOVYATLAS offers the ups type JOVYSTAR mono in a capacity range of 20 kVA up to 30 kVA. A pleasant monitoring and diagnostics system provides the user with all necessary operating states and deviations.

In the input circuit the JOVYSTAR mono works with a 6-pulse thyristor rectifier. This can also be provided in a 12-pulse version if required. The inverter output stages are executed using proven IGBT technology, which permits a high degree of efficiency.

Any number of cabinets can be placed next to each other, so that virtually any bridging period can be achieved.


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