online hospital emergency power supplies

Online hospital emergency power supplies acc. VDE 0100 part 710

Static online hospital emergency power supplies ( HEPS ) from JOVYATLAS are not just modified UPS systems, but are this systems specifically designed to meet your needs and according to your individual requirements, in a robust industrial format.

Hospital emergency power supplies from JOVYATLAS have:
converters with the latest IGBT technology a function for the annual capacitance test using simple current regeneration an automatic, monthly function test an optional parallel switchgear metallic isolation of the battery circuit a power spectrum of 5 to 250 kVA all messages in accordance with VDE 0100 Part 710 and additional messages in accordancewith your personal specifications high availability thanks to a comprehensive service concept on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

VDE 0100 Part 710 prescribes the use of a static online hospital emergency power supply for medical and electric devices in rooms of application group II in all cases where the power supply cannot be guaranteed within 0.5 seconds in the event of failure or interruption to the general power supply. The auxiliary power supplied by a HEPS system must guarantee an emergency operating time of 1 hour or (depending on the requirement) of 3 hours using the connected battery. Regulations and conditions concerning a safety power supply are stipulated in VDE 0100 Part 710/11-2002.

Construction and operation

The most important components of a hospital emergency power supply system are:
sufficiently large rectifier to charge the battery inherently short-circuit-proof converter electronic load transfer switching unit manual bypass electronic capacitance test equipment regeneration via converter with low harmonicdistortion battery output, discharge time and final voltage are programmable battery

When a mains voltage is present your consumers in the hospital emergency power supply system are constantly supplied via the HEPS system. The rectifier ensures that the converter is constantly supplied with direct voltage and your batteries are carefully recharged. In the event of a mains interruption or failure, the energy to feed the converter is taken from the battery. Your consumers are not aware of the mains interruption.

We at JOVYATLAS have a tradition going back more than 50 years in the manufacture of hospital emergency power supply systems and know the importance of a reliable power supply in medical areas. As every HEPS system manufactured by our company is tailor made for the individual customer, we are able to meet your exact needs. You can therefore be certain that your HEPS system really complies with the special regulations applicable to hospitals.


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