1200W AC cont. power

Stand-alone plug & play solar energy system for standard 230 / 110V AC and 12V DC power supply

1200W AC cont. power 240W (20A)
12V DC power 50A / 24V max. solar charging current
300Wp crystalline solar generator with roof mount
2x 100Ah maintenance-free battery cabling for solar modules and battery


SMART 1000 Power Supply System
Solar Power Set III
Stand-Alone Solar AC/DC Power Supply

Independent "plug & play" solar energy system for standard 230 / 110V AC and 12V DC power supply. The power
set consists of a compact SMART SWHBG 1000 unit with built-in solar charge regulator and "true sine wave"
inverter, a solar generator as charging system and a maintenance-free battery bank for energy storage. The
set will be delivered as "installation-ready" power package and is thus provided with mounting system for solar
and all necessary cabling for easy wiring.





System Performance

The Solar Power Set III will supply 220-240V, 50Hz or 110-120V, 60Hz (true sine) lights and household appliances as
shown in Figure 1 up to a daily load between 650 - 1300Wh depending on the geographic location of the site. It includes
all standard household appliances with a max. loading of 1.2kW and max. surge loading of 3.3kW, max. 20A 12V DC
power supply.







Description of Components

Mobile grid-independent hybrid power control unit with built-in DC/AC true sine inverter for continuous 1.2kW supply of 220-240V AC / 50Hz resp. 110-120V / 60Hz and 12V DC appliances with max. 20A. The system disposes of 2 built-in charge controllers for grid (20A / 24V) and for solar (50A / 24V). Wind and hydro charging systems can be connected by external charge controllers. Suitable for homesteads, offi ces, schools, hospitals etc.

For grid-connected areas to be used as uninterrupted power supply system (UPS).


Solar Module SM 150

Monocrystalline 150Wp / 12V solar module with high-effi ciency solar cells. Textured surface reduces sun light refl ection and provides highest output. Top antihydroscopic and UV and ozone resistant sandwich with special tempered glass.
Wheater and waterproof foil provide highest life expectancy even under extreme climatic conditions: Ice, hail, snow, storm have no effect on the solar modules.
The solar modules are designed to resist extreme humidity, heat and cold. Therefore these solar modules fi t in all requirements for a reliable and professional use around the world.


The Standby Bull Block 100Ah (C=20h) / 12V battery is a valve regulated lead acid battery, designed with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mats) technology, high performance plates and electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the fi eld of UPS and in the Renewable Energy Sector. This battery guaranties many years of trouble free and safe operation. It is thus ideally suitable for the SMART hybrid power supply systems.

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