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Solar Panels by Palettes Palette Offers 50 pcs. BP350 50 WP 263,75 EURO/pcs. 50 pcs. KC55 54 WP, 247,50 EURO /pcs. 50 pcs. KC65-1 65 WP, 318,75 EURO /pcs. 50 pcs. KC85-1 87 WP, 406,25 EURO/pcs. 20 pcs. BP3125S 125 ...
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Solar Modules SMART SM Series Solar modules with high-efficiency solar cells. Top anti-hydroscopic and UV and ozone resistant sandwich with special tempered glass. Weather and waterproof foil provide highest life expectancy eve...
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Solar Modules SMART SMM Series Product Description Solar modules especially designed for the use on boats, yachts, sealights and life rafts. They can also be used on caravans, electric cars, homesteads or for charging mobile i...
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Solar Modules SMART SMA Series Product Description Stable and reliable amorphous solar modules. Better performance than crystalline silicon solar cells in partial or indirect sunlight resulting in 15% higher energy production...
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Residential Home Kits & Business Solutions NRG-Power Backups with or without Solarpower
Independed from Oil & Gas your own Electricity or Heating Power

The ”Blackout-Blocker 2.0”

As an add-on to the Solar system the NRG-Backup-System automatically switches to island supply within approx. 20 milliseconds of a grid failure.

New and existing Solar plants can be equipped with the NRG-Backup – without affecting the system efficiency.

Even better: the integration of the Solarsystem keeps the battery small and affordable, due to the fact that it is then only necessary in the nighttime.

We are offering the "German-SMA-Sunny" Backup-System as a pre-configured set for all power ranges from 5 up to approx. 100 kW – easy to install and easy to extend later.

This new system also compares favorably to conventional emergency power systems in terms of attractive pricing: it is the backup solution with the best performance and the highest user benefits and carries the lowest investment and operation costs.




German solar panels:
BP 350 50 WP = 339,00 EURO/pcs. @ 20 peaces
SM50 50 WP = 318,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces
BP3125S 125 WP = 633,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces
SW 175 175 WP = 889,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces

Summary 43.580,00 EURO

Net ex works




* Can be integrated into existing and new Solarsystems
* Pre-configured sets for different power classes
* Smaller battery dimensions due to incorporation of the Solarsystem
* Single-phase and three-phase systems are possible
* Extendable
* Capacities from 5 kW to approx. 100 kW available
* Energy supply and battery charging via the grid
* Solar efficiency remains consistently high
* Automatic switching to backup supply in approximately 20 ms
* Automatic disconnection unit DIN VDE 0126-1-1)
* 5 year warranty

Backup System - The Optimal Independence Solution

* Easy Installation
* Simple retrofitting for existing plants
* Compatible with all inverters
* System sizes from 5 kW to 100 kW possible
* Extendable


Switching unit - reliable transfer from utility to island in 20 ms

* Code compliant disconnection of the PV-plant from the grid
* Automatic switching to the house grid within 20 ms.

Battery bank - cost efficient, small and powerful

* Energy supply for the consumers only during nighttime

Backup 5000 - The Innovative System Manager

* DIN VDE 0126-1-1- certified
* Coordination of all switching operations


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