Solar Modules SMART SMM Series

Product Description

Solar modules especially designed for the use on boats, yachts, sealights and life rafts.
They can also be used on caravans, electric cars, homesteads or for charging mobile installations.
The true alternative to all oversized, rigid or inflexible glass-modules.
The M-Series modules, based on V4A high-grade steel are smaller, thin and light.
When stuck or screwed onto a flat surface, the modules can be walked on and shape themselves to slightly-curved surfaces.
Due to the synthetic foil there need be no fear of broken glass.
These solar modules with highpower solar cells derived from space technology are especially economical and have a 1.5m connecting cable.

Special Features

High stability through stainless steel back plate
Easy installation to glue on or to screw through mounting oles
Flexible and slightly bendable plate for various installations (max. 3%) by innovative chaining technology
Highest efficiency crystalline cells with extremely photointensitive front
Seewater resistant, highly transparent, self-cleaning Teflon foil
Small, robust, flat, sealed, screwed and glued connection box, simple to connect
Edge protection on request




German solar panels:
BP 350 50 WP = 339,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces
SM50 50 WP = 318,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces
BP3125S 125 WP = 633,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces
SW 175 175 WP = 889,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces

Summary 43.580,00 EURO

Net ex works


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