Solar Modules SMART SM Series

Solar modules with high-efficiency solar cells. Top anti-hydroscopic and UV and ozone resistant sandwich with special tempered glass. Weather and waterproof foil provide highest life expectancy even under extreme climatic conditions: Ice, hail, snow, storm have no effect on the solar modules. The solar modules are designed to resist extreme humidity, heat and cold. Therefore these solar modules fit in all requirements for a reliable and professional use around the world.

Each solar module is individually measured during and after the manufacturing process under highest quality and ISO conditions. Every module is tested under STC conditions. All modules have an unchangeable serial number and are certified




German solar panels:
BP 350 50 WP = 339,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces
SM50 50 WP = 318,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces
BP3125S 125 WP = 633,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces
SW 175 175 WP = 889,00 EURO/pcs.@ 20 peaces

Summary 43.580,00 EURO

Net ex works


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