The Solar-Water Treatment System: Pure drinking water only through the energy of the sun ...

The extraction and purification of drinking water from sea water was until now the domain of big industry or public companies which fund the huge expenses.

Water Treatment with Minimum Effort
With the HelioTech_TM Solar-Watertreatment-System, anyone can gain drinking water from the sea. Clean, drinkable water is usually scarce in arid regions, and something else is missing as well: A sufficient energy supply combined with an appropriate infrastructure and the manpower to operate existing plants at all. Therefore, the HelioTech_TM Solar-Water Treatment System needs only one energy source that is always plentiful and consistently free and available: The Sun - requiring only minimal human help.



The Solar-Water Treatment System

Pure water on the principles of nature

The HelioTech_TM system does not need a complicated, time-consuming and expensive technology for water treatment. It gains drinking water in the most natural way of the world: Through evaporation, cooling and condensing.
With an evaporation temperature of about 100 C degrees, clean, germ-free, immediately drinkable water is generated from sea or brackish water. In conventional, large-scale plants based on the principle of reverse osmosis or evaporation (with a heating up to max. 75 C degrees), the desalinated water has to be made drinkable with the addition of chemicals or other treatments that add more labor and energy costs. For example, the first inital cleaning generates gigantic energy costs, currently showing an upward trend, and the second step adds additional costs.

A Water Plant For Everyone
The full indepence from any power or energy source (heat, CHP, etc.) in combination with a compact modular design makes HelioTech the ideal system for a decentralized, local or regional usage:
„Wherever clean drinking water is needed, every man can take care of his own water needs“.

Independent from any energy source, this technology can be applied not only in developing countries but also in the coastal regions of the Arab countries, the southern United States, Australia, South Africa as well as in southern Europe.

Agriculture, industry, or even hotel units can reliably use the system HelioTech for their own water supplies by simply installing their own "water works." To win clean, drinkable water in any quantity required is not a problem any more, whether it's three cubic metres per day for the drinking water needs of a farm or thirty cubic metres per day for the needs of a village.


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