When your Citycouncil plans a Biomass District Heating Plant, than lets get in contanct.

Germany has more than 200 biomass plants, that heat district networks.
We bring you to the point of operation. You can visit with us these plants and use their experiences, From Sweden to Austria.

The term district heating plants refers to plants with own generation of heat, but without power generation. The heat is distributed to a district heating system to which all consumers living within the system have the opportunity of being connected.





Biomass Business School
Reasons for our Bio Consulting Services

You don’t waste any time for checking factory by factory in Europe, you can order us by doing that job for you, we write recommendations for you.

You don’t need to seek your own the complete European market, that work we do day by day , new by new.

->> We offer that service at and for the complete European market for:

--> Wood Gasification Boilers 15 kW to 2.000 kW
--> Straw Gasification Boilers 100 kW to 20.000 kW
--> Wood chip Boilers 30 kW to 10.000 kW
--> Pellet Boilers 30 kW to 5.000 kW
--> All Kind Combined Heat AND Power Generators 5 kW to 5.000 kW CHP, ORC
--> All Microturbines
--> All Gas Absorption Heating Pumps, GAHP, MHP
--> All Direct Fired Gas Absorption Chillers
--> Sun Energy Products Solar Cooling Heating Power
--> All known Heat Recovery Systems in the Industry

Learn how to..

--> Calculate the size of a heating boiler for facilities, that brings cash back in the shortest time
--> Apply those systems correctly in hydraulics and electrics to the grid
--> Take care how to calculate the cash back of the system

You can learn at the clients locations:

--> What to care for the maintenance & service
--> Service Costs
--> Lifetime
--> How they work
--> How they to install
--> How they to repair

This Service is applied to all Factories all Companies in Europe


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