Training and School at the plants

Training at the Bio-2-E-plants, that you are looking for - here in Germany – All the Renewable Technologies Live – Independend from Suppliers



We offer biomass-plant-visits & training here in Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Denmark  


In the above countries there are a lot customers wich have a lot of experiences in the use of plants with biomass:

--> Here are hundrets of experienced biogas plants from 50 kW to 5000 kW
--> We have up to 100 turnkey solutions biomass power plants 35kW to 20MW
--> There are hundrets of well working district heating plants up 100 MW
--> You can learn and visit the solar thermal plants, see Photovolatics plants
--> Add. Heating Pumps, Gas Absorption Chiller plants


· We teach you how to calculate the cash back.
· Additionally you learn what to care when searching/& ordering the suppliers.
Pre selection of suppliers 


We pick you up from the airports: Hannover / Hamburg / Berlin / Frankfurt



In a very short time, you learn more than ever from the internet, books and study , it is a very practical school, because we as teacher own and use ourselves powerplants for heating/electricity.  


Such local consultations starting from 2.800 Euro. It can be ordered by 1 to 4 persons, the price does’nt change.


Please write us, what kind of plant and plant size do you want to learn.We are making an offer for you, that helps you establishing your business. 


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