Automatic Fed

The 'T' range automatic heaters (T1.5a - TMA) are an extremely popular, tried and tested appliance for the safe and clean combustion of extracted and shredded wood waste.
They have been used world-wide for almost 20 years as simple and user-friendly solutions for factory heating and wood waste disposal.

Ideal for the small-medium operation with extracted wood waste streams.

Clean Air Act exempt appliances
Extracted and shredded waste heater
Simple low maintenance design
Suitable fuel format - shavings, chips and dust
Suitable fuel: softwood,hardwood,MDF,chipboard(inc.MFC)
Variable site specific storage hopper capacity



T - Range Automatic Combustion Units T3A - TMA

• The T-Range autmatic units are designed to combust sawdust, shavings, MDF & MFC, renewable energy woodchips.
• The units produce direct warm air for space heating requirements.
• The heaters are a compact cost effective package and include all major components.
• The storage bunkers can be manually or automatically fed via a transfer system.
• The storage capacity of the bunker can be specified according to individual site requirements.
• The heater and feed screw are available separately if required.
• Units comply with Clean Air Act Regulations.
• Heat dumps, ducting systems, larger capacity silos and feed mechanisms available for all units.



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