C1-C4 Biomass This boiler

All Talbott’s biomass C1-C4 units are approved appliances under the Clean Air Act for use within smoke control areas.

• Talbott’s units are also certified to appear both on the government’s ECA and Clear Skies lists.
• All units are CE marked.
• Qualifies under the Climate Change Levy Exemption.
• Heat Exchange made to BS855 Standards.
• All electrics conform to current legislation & regulation.



C1-C4 Biomass This boiler

C1-C4 Biomass This boiler

This extremely efficient boiler has been specifically designed and rigorously tested to comply with the Enhanced Capital Allowance criteria.
The boiler has the ability to cleanly burn higher moisture content wood fuels with no loss of efficiency or heat output.
The sophisticated control panel is user-friendly and has inverter controls to all motors to allow full modulation.

Clean Burning
Clean Air Act exempt appliances
Pre heated fuel and combustion air
High capacity to suit site specific requirements
High Efficiency
Registered unit under Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme
Self-cleaning vertical tube heat exchange
Hot water max 3bar pressure - 110 C
Wide variety of acceptable fuels and grades




The biomass ‘C’ series is probably the most versatile combustor available. It is readily adaptable to a wide range of applications and will handle a variety of biomass fuels with equal burn efficiency to produce a reliable and constant supply of hot water.
Talbott’s technology and engineering skills have developed the biomass ‘C’ series to be one of the most efficient biomass boiler systems available.

Easy to use, extremely low maintenance and very robustly built, each installation is designed and tested to give many years of
trouble-free operation. Talbott’s technical staff and qualified service engineers are always on-call to assist and advise.
This engineering efficiency has lead to the development of possibly the cleanest burning combustion system on the market. The controlled ‘burn’ at steady, very high temperatures that are achieved by the biomass ‘C’ series results in virtually no emissions to atmosphere and +80% efficiency rating by a government approved independent testing body.



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