C - Range Automatic Combustion Units C1 - C10

C - Range AutomaticCombustion Units C1 - C10



Developed to meet the stringent Environmental Protection Act legislation for
emissions to atmosphere, this versatile and robust range of automatic
units is designed to provide efficient warm air or hot water.
The units have a stainless steel impregnated pre-cast ceramic lining
for long life expectancy.

Clean Burning
Pre heated fuel and combustion air
High capacity to suit site specific requirements
High Efficiency
Complies with the Environmental Protection Act
Self-cleaning vertical tube heat exchange
Warm air or hot water as standard installation
Wide variety of acceptable fuels and grades




Softwoods, hardwoods
medium density fibreboard ( MDF ),
melamine faced chipboard ( MFC ),
shavings, sawdust, chips, paper,
cardboard, hog, treated lumber,
energy crops i.e. short rotation
coppice, straw, tree trimmings,
brash & miscanthus.


Direct units available with warm air heat exchangers or
• Medium pressure hot water boilers able to operate at 3 bar pressure ( maximum 110 ° C ).
• Different design pressures available upon request.
• Can be fitted to any type of heat exchanger.

Special Features

Vertical tube heat exchange that self cleans to ensure consistent efficiency.
• Easy Maintenance, multiple access ports.
• High performance ceramic refractory lining.
• Fully insulated. Separate heat exchange and combustion chamber for longer life.
• Fuel stock infeed is automatically controlled to avoid overheating.
• Turnkey packages available.

Inclusive of

Rotary valve air lock between combustion zone and fuel supply.
• Screw auger feed into the fire.
• Static steel grates.
• Warm air or medium pressure hot water heat exchange.
• Cyclone grit arrestor.
• Combustion fans and induced draught fan.
• Control Panel



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