Talbotts Bio Junior Bio Senior

Money can grow on trees…

The BIO 50 - 300 and BIO 400 - 2000 are 'rugged' systems capable of utilising a wide range of biomass fuels; these
include forestry and agricultural residues, wood chips, wood pellets and energy crops such as coppiced willow, grown as a short rotation crop, and Miscanthus (elephant grass). Designed for British Derived Wood Chip for operation in a British climate. Recommended Wood Chip Size average 25mm.



The BIO 50 - 300 range is designed as a standard package including a fully automatic bunker feed system. The small size makes the unit ideal for installation on farms, larger domestic rural properties from 5 to 15 bedrooms and anywhere that there is a readily available supply of fuel.



The BIO 400 - 2000 range is designed for larger applications and offers customers a good selection of heat outputs. Our sales representatives will work with you to determine the right size system for your operation.



Rugged System capable of using a variety of fuels - Wood Chip, Pellets,Miscantus, SRC, etc.
BIO JUNIOR comes with integrated fuel storage as a standard package.
Sophisticated controls regulare fuel feeding and combustion rate to suit heatrequirements, achieving maximum efficiency.
Step Grate System.
Unique Horizontal Heat Exchange with ash drop proints for maximum efficiency &clean combustion.
Combustion chimney fan, standard for safe operation. ( negative pressure)
Easily linked to existing pipe work systems.
Minimum maintenance required.
All round insulation for maximum heat resistance.
Clean, high temperature combustion zone.
Low ash level due to complete combustion
Ash clean out door with option of auto de-ash.
Inspection cover & Sight inspection glass.
Single phase electric connection - easily installed into existing supply.
Screw fed fire protection system.




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