Hand Fed

Biomass and Waste to Energy Systems

T - Range Hand Fed Combustion Units T 75 - T 500


Talbott's T range units (T75 - T500) are an efficient tool for the disposal of
solid wood off-cuts. They have been used around the world for over 20
years as simple and user friendly wood waste fuelled heaters.

Ideal for the small-medium producer of wood waste for disposal and workshop heating.

Clean Air Act exempt appliances
Solid fuel heater
Robust construction with firebrick lined combustion chamber
Solid fuel Off-cuts:softwood, hardwood, MDF, chipboard
Simple low maintenance design.



Fuel includes:
Wood Offcuts - Chipboard - MDF - Softwoods - Pallets.

• Robust Design.
• Simple Design.
• Low Maintenance.
• A proven flexible range of units suitable for any size of workshop.
• Firebrick lined combustion zones.
• 4000 working installations worldwide.
• Afterburners available.
• Heat dumps and ducting available.



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