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Our Gasifiers are able to be used for a lot kind of biomasses. Let us know what kind of biomass you want to use !
NRG-P60- series straw whole-bale heating units are technically advanced and thus only economical when the heating requirements are above 15000 liters of heating oil per year. For those who have a lower level needs we recommend wood gas boilers from the NRG-P60- series.
Users with a higher heating requirement can expect an excellent cost-effectiveness with an HSV. Due to the inexpensive heat production, one can ventilate pig and chicken stalls better. It is dry and warm. The animals are far healthier.

High levels of oil and gas can be saved in heating greenhouses. Thus a healthy cost balance structure is created. The same applies to apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools and factories.

The straw steam engine can, parallel to other existing units, take over the basic load in dairy farms, paper factories, cardboard factories, chemical factories, etc.

Straw bale heated gas units deliver gas at up to 1100 degrees Celsius. Especially driers of all types can thus be run at low expense.

Hot air units, for example to dry grains, are also available for delivery.

Straw bale heating oil units can be used, for example, to heat baking ovens in large bakeries and other technological processes. One can also produce refrigeration with hot thermal oil in absorption cooling systems. The best data is achieved when one requires cooling as well as heating.

Farmers can easily compute that straw, sold as heat, has a higher value than the grains. A farmer as an energy supplier has calculation security relative to his primary energy costs. He can make very lucrative and long-term heat supply offers to heat users.

In water heaters one usually installs large buffer storage tanks that allow one to use the unit periodically and independently from immediate demands with long pauses of at least a day or longer.


This unit is used to dry feed grains. The producer of heated gas directs completely burned, very clean gas with a temperature of up to 1200°C into the mix chamber.

In 2005 this unit dried 8500 tons of grain in approximately seven weeks and thus saved 80000 liters of heating oil.

There fresh air is mixed in and heated to approximately 110°C.
This warm gas/air mix then dries the grains.
In this timeframe 600 straw bales with a weight of only 300 kg/piece were used. In this year, 2006, the straw from only 4% of the agricultural fields was needed to dry all the grain sufficiently.

The combustion power was up to 1800 kW. A bale burns in only about 40 minutes.... The speed of the hot gas in the introduction pipe is 80 m/s.

A corrugated steel house was also built over this unit.


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