Combustion technology

Combustion technology

A dry straw bale ignites quickly if one places it on a wood fire. The heat allows the straw to gasify and in the combustion chamber there is quite some turbulence. But soon a layer of ash establishes itself around the bale; this limits air access more and more and threatens to asphyxiate the process, Now the ventilator in the gasification chamber starts up: it sucks in hot gas and pushes it through canals into the sides of the bale. The ash is blown aside, oxygen enters between the stems and fire canals eat into and through the bale from both sides and heat it from the inside out.
The loading and gasification chamber are equipped with a ceramic heat insulation layer. Thus the temperature in the gasification chamber remains high.



The turbulence combustion chamber is made up of only ceramic materials surrounded on the outside by high quality fireproof insulation.
The induced draft ventilator makes certain that the combustion chamber is aiways granted the right amount of straw gas and that strong turbulence occurs. In the process the highly pre-heated secondary air is mixed in, and at approximately
1000 degrees C one sees a flame that is as blue as the sky.

The ceramic elements glow light red from the sun's energy.
Now the chimneysweep can come with his measuring instruments.

Straw develops up to 5% ash, ten times that of wood. In the bale gasifier most of the ash remains in the large combustion space; very little goes through the combustion chambers. Thus the following elements of the unit remain free of cinders.


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