Excellent emission values

Excellent emission values

Low temperature carbonization gases from straw gasifiers always have very combustion-unfriendly gas elements that can only be burned with highly developed technology. Bad experiences with burning straw in earlier phases have led to the establishment of very strict emission standards. Straw furnaces up to 100kW and wood stoves up to 700 kW only need reach the levels of the 1 st paragraph of the German Federal Emissions Protection Act. Straw stoves over 100kW capacity underlie far more strict values for the TA-air. These strict standards for carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are upheld by all units.

Request advice from your chimneysweep early in the process. He will also consult his colleagues about our units and help you. He can name the required chimney height, support you in choosing a location and give fire safety advice.

You are active in keeping the earth clean
with a bale gasification unit and active in keeping the sky so blue and clear!


Straw contains a lot of ash, approximately 4-5% of the dry mass. Thus straw boilers need to be cleaned more often than wood boilers. The ash is taken out of the gasification chamber through two ash discharge doors next to the combustion chamber into wheelbarrows. The Boilers should be cleaned after 5-6 bales. In all the larger chambers up to 15 bales in a row can be burned. In addition the turbulence combustion chamber should be scratched clean. The cyclone particle emitter and the heat exchange pipes and surfaces should be brushed down. A vacuum cleaner can be useful here.

Where does the ash go?

Straw ash contains minerals from the earth, and this is where they belong.

Straw ash belongs on the fields.
The ash can contain all sorts of soil components; when they pre-exist, then also toxins. It is best to return straw ash to the fields from which the straw was harvested. Straw ash often contains stones and soft baked residues. This is why we recommend sifting the ash.


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