Whole Strawbale Gasifiers

+++Starting through in 2008+++

+++New better Straw heating Plants from more than 5 Major European Suppliers+++Manual or Automated Feeding+++




You should watch these videos for better idea, what this means

Round or quad bales
can be bound using one-sided adhesive PE-foil on the sheath side instead of a net.
They can thus be stored outside, making it possible to store unlimited amounts. Due to intensive grain agriculture, straw is overabundant. It can be spun into gold through the transformation into wonderful heat.
Wheat straw has a particularly good burn behavior. Rye and barley have less ash content and thus produce lower dust particle emission values. Basically all types of grain straw are appropriate for our whole-bale gasifier.

If the grains are also not harvested and thus a part of the bale, then the bales' weight increases as well as the thermal capacity of the bale. However, the nitrogen that is bound into the grains' protein causes an important increase in the percentage of nitrogen oxide. This can be negative.

One can even heat well with meadow hay as long as it is dry, no longer green, has been cut late and thus is low in protein. Canola straw has to be stored in the swath for many days and microorganisms must transform the green portion. Thus very good fuel is created. The "straw" from corn burns very intensely and is therefore a great energy resource in the parts of the world where it can be collected in a dry state. Biomass means more than just straw from grains in a limited sense. One can also heat with flax, sheep fescue or even with dry weeds. The sun-energy storage specialists hemp, miscanthus and switch grass offer us much higher hectare outputs, This is why these last-named types belong to the future of energy agriculture.



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