Control, Adjustment,and Supervision

Control, adjustment, and supervision (Styring, Regulering og Overvågning) is called the SRO system. The system is
designed on the basis of two computers:
• A PLC (Programmable Logic Control) with system data recording controls the plant’s various flows according to pre-set operating values.
• An ordinary computer displays the flow of data from the PLC to the operators’ monitor. The preselected operating values in the PLC can be changed via the
The system is divided into three main functions covering the following:

• The control ensures that the system performs according to a preselectedsequential order.
• The adjustment unit ensures that the preselected values for pressure, temperature etc. are complied with.
• The supervision unit sets off alarms in case of malfunctions.

The SRO system enables automatic operation of the plant, thereby making the permanent pressence of operators unnecessary. In case of operation failures,
the remote supervisory and monitoring unit calls in the operators via the public telephone network. In emergency situations, an oil-fired furnace is
automatically started, taking over the supply of heat.


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