Wood Chip Storage

The size of the fuel storage depends on various factors, e.g. the contract made with the fuel supplier. However, a storage of wood chips that equals the consumption of minimum 5 days and nights at max. heat production should always be available for the purposes of operation
during week-ends and for security of supply during extreme weather conditions.
Most plants settle for an indoor storage and leave the handling of larger storages to the suppliers of wood chips.

However, a few plants also have an outdoor storage of their own and may therefore receive a discount from the supplier of wood chips. Due to the risk of spontaneous fire, the wood chips are piled to a height of max. 7-8 metres, and this also applies to indoor storages. During work in the wood chip storage, there may be a risk of breathing in allergy- causing dust and micro-organisms, such as fungi and bacteria. It must be strongly recommended never to work alone in wood chip silos.


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